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Employers and RNIP


Thank you for your interest in Sudbury’s Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP). Below you will find more information for employers who are seeking to participate in the program. All employer questions should be directed to [email protected].

Employer Requirements

In order for a job to qualify for the Sudbury Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program, the employer must:

  1. Complete and submit Form IMM5984– Offer of Employment to a Foreign National (Employers must check all 5 boxes under section 3, question 20 and Section 5).
  2. Be prepared to welcome and accommodate foreign workers into the workplace. We ask that all employers complete these free Cultural Competency training modules, developed by the Université de Hearst and CRRIDEC, or another diversity training program of their choice as part of their participation in the program. In some cases employers may also need to create an individualized settlement plan for the new employee.
  3. Meet the requirements under the Employer Eligibility Form SRNIP 003, confirming that employers:
    1. Are located within the boundaries of the Sudbury RNIP program, which can be found here.
    2. Have been in active business in the community for at least 1 year prior to providing the candidate a job offer. The employer may be required to provide operation history documented through financial information and/or prepared financials, bank statements, letters patent, and tax filings to the Sudbury RNIP Coordinator upon request.*
      *An exemption to the above requirement may be considered on a case-by-case basis if the employer is the product of a new investment in the community. In this situation, a business case shall be provided for further review, assessment and approval. The assessment will include professional / financial capacity to execute the plan and the intent to establish based on a lease or purchase of a building in the community. Other factors may also be taken into account, including but not limited to when the business was established, number of jobs created and sustained, company growth, and spinoff economic activity from the business.
    3. Not be in violation of any provincial employment legislation.
    4. Not be in violation of the Immigration, Refugee and Protection Act (IRPA) or Immigration, Refugee and Protection Regulations.
    5. Provide a valid job offer in an eligible occupation (as identified on the Eligible Occupations for Primary Applicants list. If the occupation is not listed, employers must follow the Employer Stream process as outlined below). A job offer is considered valid if it meets the following requirements:
      1. The job offer must be for a full-time and permanent position.
      2. Full-time means the job must be a minimum of 1,560 hours a year and a minimum of 30 hours of paid work per week.
      3. Permanent means the job is not seasonal employment and must be of indeterminate duration (no end date).
      4. The wage for the job being offered is within the range of wages for that particular occupation within the Northeast region of Ontario (as identified by the federal government).
      5. The job offer must also be accompanied by the IMM5984 form, as noted above
    6. The employer has demonstrated that they are confident that the individual is reasonably able to carry out the functions of the job offer, as demonstrated by past work experience, interviews and reference checks completed by the employer.
    7. The employer did not receive any form of payment in exchange for the job offer.
    8. Canadians and Permanent Residents have been considered first to fill the job
  4. Further, all candidates are required to complete and submit all candidate forms, as outlined on the RNIP Application page, Step 5

Additional Employer Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, companies may need to provide further information when they find a foreign national they wish to hire. These additional steps are required for employers hiring candidates currently living abroad, or for candidates whose occupations fall outside of the Eligible Occupations for Primary Applicants list. In order to be approved to participate in the Sudbury RNIP, the employer must:

  1. Qualify under the Employer Requirements as outlined above. This includes submitting the SRNIP-003 form and IMM5984 form.
  2. Complete the attached form and include details related to job vacancy requirements. The Sudbury RNIP Coordinator must be satisfied that efforts have been made to fill the position with a local candidate. Companies will be expected to work with local employment service providers, connect with post-secondary institutions for student placements, hire summer students, explore the hiring of local newcomers, and establish partnerships with Indigenous organizations, when appropriate. The size of the company and resources will be considered as a mitigating factor.
  3. Undergo a diversity assessment with the Sudbury RNIP Coordinator and Sudbury Local Immigration Partnership Coordinator.