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Board of Directors


The Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) is a not-for-profit agency of the City of Greater Sudbury and is governed by an 18-member Board of Directors.  The GSDC collaborates with the City to promote community economic development by encouraging, facilitating and supporting community strategic planning and increasing self-reliance, investment and job creation in Greater Sudbury.

The GSDC oversees a $1 million Community Economic Development Fund through funds received from the City of Greater Sudbury. They are also responsible for overseeing the distribution of the Arts and Culture Grants and the Tourism Development Fund through the Tourism Development Committee.  Through these funds they support the economic growth and sustainability of our community.


The GSDC embraces a critical team leadership role as it navigates the challenges of economic development. The GSDCs work with community stakeholders to cultivate entrepreneurship, build on local strengths, and stimulate the continuous development of a dynamic and healthy city.

Guided by From the Ground Up: GSDC Strategic Plan 2015-2025, the Board makes strategic decisions that contribute to economic growth in our community. You can see the impact the GSDC has made in our community, by viewing our annual reports.

Executive Committee

Board Chair
Andrée Lacroix
1st Vice Chair
Peter Nykilchuk
General Manager
2nd Vice Chair
Jeff Portelance
Director, Business Development
Community Economic Development (CED) Chair
Lisa Demmer
Marketing Specialist
Mike Ladyk
Brett Williamson
Director, Economic Development

Board Members

Anthony Lawley
President and Founding Partner
Bill Leduc
Ward 11 Municipal Councillor
Brian Bigger
Claire Parkinson
Head of Operation Services
David Paquette
Erin Danyliw
Gerry Montpellier
Ward 3 Municipal Councillor
Jennifer Abols
Executive Director
Joanne Gervais
Directrice générale
Mark Signoretti
Ward 1 Municipal Councillor
Mike Mayhew
Founding Member
Robert Haché
President and Vice-Chancellor
Shawn Poland
Associate Vice President of Strategic Enrolment and College Advancement