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Economic Recovery Strategic Plan


The Economic Recovery Strategic Plan will guide decisions of the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) Board of Directors to better understand the needs of the business community, identify actions that will streamline business and economic recovery

The Economic Recovery Strategic Plan identifies four primary themes supported by areas of focus and associated action items:

  • Development of Greater Sudbury’s workforce with focus on labour shortages and talent attraction.
  • Support for local business with focus on community engagement, marketing and the arts and culture sector.
  • Support for Downtown Sudbury with focus on economic vitality and vulnerable populations.
  • Growth and development with focus on improved business processes, access to broadband, e-commerce, the mining, supplies and services industry, and film and television production.

Development of the Economic Recovery Strategic Plan is a partnership between the City of Greater Sudbury through its Economic Development division and community volunteers serving on the GSDC Board of Directors. It follows extensive consultation with key economic sectors, independent businesses, the arts and professional associations.