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Cleantech and Environmental


Sudbury is one of the leading cities for environmental remediation in the world. Delegations from around the globe including government officials, company executives and green initiative leaders are visiting Sudbury to learn more remediation efforts. From deep in the earth to far above the ground, our companies are helping to transform the way we conduct business to better our environment, especially in the mining sector.

Sudbury is rooted in our green efforts.  Our post-secondary institutions are leading the way in education, research and development in environmental remediation. Our companies are known internationally for their use of green technologies that have put Sudbury on the map for remediation and sustainable practices.

Through research and innovation, Sudbury is working to create a healthier community by promoting environmental and economic sustainability. With government funding and new initiatives, we are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the province.

We have the expertise in the Cleantech and Environmental sector. Our mining companies have changed the way they practice, bringing clean technology into their practices through equipment and innovations, many of which are developed in Sudbury.  As a world leader, Sudbury is on its way to establishing a Centre for Mine Waste Biotechnology and the Sudbury Re-Greening and Vale’s Clean AER projects continue to be an inspiration for winning the war on climate change.

The place to develop EV Batteries

Home to Class-1 Nickel, Sudbury is a key player in the battery and electric technology department. Beyond being a source of raw materials for the EV economy and early adopter of EV equipment for mining, Sudbury plays a role in the development and manufacturing of battery technology and power equipment.

EarthCare Sudbury

EarthCare Sudbury is a community partnership between Greater Sudbury community agencies, organizations, businesses and residents. We are committed to environmental sustainability in order to create a healthier community and promote economic sustainability.