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Film Permits
and Guidelines


Choosing to film in Greater Sudbury is the right choice.  We encourage you to get in touch with our Film Officer as soon as possible to assist you with the film permitting and guidelines for our City.  The City of Greater Sudbury supports our growing film industry and has adapted its policies to accommodate the sector.

How we can help you:

  • Find the permits and approvals that you need
  • Provide site location support
  • Arrange facilities
  • Find local talent and logistics providers
  • Liaise with community partners and utilities

Apply for a film permit

You must have a film permit to film on public property within the City of Greater Sudbury, unless you’re filming current affairs, newscasts, or personal recordings. Filming is regulated as per the by-law 2020-065.

You will also need to complete an application if your production requires road occupancy/closures, changes to traffic or the urban landscape, includes excessive noise, special effects, or impacts neighbouring residents or businesses.

Our permit process will take you through the required:

  • Expenses and fees
  • Insurance and safety measures
  • Road closures and interruptions

We’ll provide you with an estimate of costs before issuing your permit.

Film guidelines

The Greater Sudbury Film Guidelines includes guidelines that apply to filming on public property within the City of Greater Sudbury. We ask that you use local businesses and services throughout your production.

We reserve the right to refuse filming and/or not to issue or to terminate a film permit if you do not comply with and satisfy the guideline criteria.

Neighbourhood Notifications

Filming in busy residential and business areas requires appropriate neighbourhood notification. We have developed a template to be used for notifying neighbours of filming activity.