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Greater Sudbury is one of the largest cities in Canada by land area. Sudbury has a variety of cultural, residential and industrial locales ideal for film and television production. Its geographically and architecturally diverse locations are great for modern day or period pieces. The city can double as any number of metropolitan areas.

See for yourself. Take a look at our city with the Ontario Creates Locations Library. Plus, our local scouting professionals have established contacts and can help you sort through the sites to find your ideal filming locations.

You can also explore other locations that Sudbury has to offer by viewing the Sudbury Tourism website.  With our various amenities and landscapes, you can create the ideal backdrop for your next production.

Get Your Property Listed

Whether the production is film, television or shorts, commercials productions are always looking for appropriate locations for filming. If you are a property owner and have interest you can list your property on the Ontario Creates Location Library.