Film Industry

Film Industry

Sites like no other

From rocky cliffs and pristine lakes to open fields and urban downtowns, our topography can suit a variety of backdrops, and our Sudburian mine sites have been featured in a number of productions. Combined with four very distinct seasons, you can get what you are looking for in Greater Sudbury.

Access to Special Financial Incentives

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) supports film and television development and production in Sudbury through its generous funding programs. Production companies shooting in Sudbury can benefit from provincial and federal tax credits, including the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and the Canada Production Services Tax Credit.

State-of-the-art Facilities

The Northern Ontario Film Studios features a 20,000 square foot main stage floor and has everything to service your production needs. You can base your whole production here. Companies including Hideaway Pictures, Inspired Image, William F. White International, Gallus Entertainment, Carte Blanche Films and Copperworks Consulting have dedicated track record and are committed to the development of the film industry in Northern Ontario. 

Passionate Crews

Keep production costs low by working with local professionals rather than paying the expenses of an out-of-town crew. From set designers,to sound and light technicians, to hair and makeup artists, you’ll find highly skilled individuals wanting to contribute to your project. Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION) has a crew database and resources available to assist with you project.

Unparalleled Scenery

Sudbury has a variety of cultural, residential and industrial locales ideal for film and television production. Its geographically and architecturally diverse locations are great for modern day or period pieces. The city can double as any number of metropolitan areas.

Easily Accessible

Sudbury is really close to the action. We’re in close proximity to the major film centre of Toronto. It’s only a 1-hour flight away and is serviced by affordable, commercial airlines including Air Canada and Porter. Or you can drive here on the new four-lane highway, which is a smooth commute in less than 4 hours.


Filming Guidelines

Looking to film in Sudbury? Learn more about permitting and guidelines with our Filming Handbook - a step-by-step guide to filming in Sudbury


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