Are you a local retailer that does not sell online? COVID-19 has changed the way we shop and interact with one another and offering online sales has become more important than ever.

ShopHERE powered by Google is offering local businesses and artists the opportunity to have their online stores built for free.

The program is now available to small businesses in Greater Sudbury. Local businesses and artists can apply for the program through Digital Main Street ShopHERE to get their online stores built at no cost.

ShopHERE powered by Google, which started in the City of Toronto, helps independent businesses and artists build a digital presence and  minimize the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In May, Google Canada announced a $1 million investment to enable Digital Main Street, the organization coordinating the program on behalf of the partners, to expand the program to municipalities across the country and offer more businesses and artists the opportunity to build their own online stores.

Because the opportunities afforded by the digital economy are still limited if business owners and artists don’t have the right skills, Google’s investment will also help more of these entrepreneurs receive the digital skills training they need to participate in the digital economy.

You can learn more about ShopHERE and how businesses from around Canada are using it to jump start their online stores.