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Success Stories

Cablewave Utility Services

Owner Anthony McRae credits SCP for the knowledge shared by local business experts and the mentorship provided to prepare a proper plan to expand his utility engineering services across Ontario. The grant money was used to purchase advanced equipment and training to further enhance the business’s service offerings. The expansion of Cablewave Utility Services has resulted in the creation of three new employment positions.


“The Regional Business Centre is a wealth of knowledge and resources from the local to national level, whatever industry you are planning to enter or expand into, the Regional Business Centre should be your first stop to get started. The Regional Business Centre has assisted me in starting my company back 2014 to now, in STARTER COMPANY PLUS, helping put my expansion plans to paper with market research and the assistance from local business experts that share their experiences and knowledge to build upon. Preparing a proper plan, vision and goals to follow through on, without a doubt will assure my company’s continued success”.

~ Anthony McRae, Cablewave Utility Services