Labour Force

Labour Force

The Greater Sudbury labour force is a strong blend of skill and experience. This city is known throughout northern Ontario as an excellent source of readily available bilingual labour. In fact , nearly 40% of our population is bilingual.

Our academic community is dedicated to providing an ever-increasing supply of bilingual employees trained to fit the labour requirements of new businesses in every sector from trades to IT. Three local post-secondary institutions continue to educate those preparing to enter the workforce.

The upgrading of skill levels in the current labour pool is also a priority which is constantly monitored and addressed. Laurentian UniversityCambrian College and Collège Boréal provide a wide range of programs designed to train a workforce that exceeds skill and productivity expectations.

The diversification of our mining supply and services sector has encouraged  global business mindset in all sectors. The skilled, bilingual labour force within Greater Sudbury is ready to serve the global markets of today’s successful companies.

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