Laurentian University
Laurentian University is one of the fastest growing universities in Canada in the past decade, now serving close to 10,000 students. With its main campus in Sudbury, it now offers a growing number of programs in Barrie to the 1,200 students located on that campus. Laurentian has one of the highest post-graduation employment rates in Ontario and receives high recognition for its enviable class sizes, having one of the lowest faculty-to-student ratios in Canada. 
No Canadian university has won the Canadian Mining Games more often than Laurentian University in the past 20 years. Enrolment in its Bharti School of Engineering and its Department of Earth Sciences has tripled in the past five years alone, rising to over 525 students from undergraduate to Ph.D. programs.
Laurentian mining-related education and research programs cover the complete spectrum of the mining cycle from exploration to operations and environmental rehabilitation, along with management, engagement with First Nations and occupational health and safety.
The University offers a number of signature programs, including Engineering, laurentianGeology, Native Human Services, and Restoration and Conservation Ecology at the undergraduate level, as well as signature graduate programs including Boreal Ecology, Mineral Exploration, Natural Resources Engineering, and Rural and Northern Health.
Laurentian's campus is home to numerous mining-related research centres, the Mining Division of the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS), GeoLabs, the Mines Library and the Mine Recorder's Office.
Mineral exploration and mining is one of Laurentian's five areas of research focus. In the past five years alone, its Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) secured major research investments: $10 million from Rio Tinto, $5 million each from Vale and Xstrata, over $13 million from the government of Ontario and $4.25 million from Industry Canada.
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CEMI Horizontal RGB2011The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) directs and coordinates step-change innovation in the areas of exploration, deep mining, integrated mine engineering, environment and sustainability for the metal mining industry. With a seasoned team of program directors, CEMI identifies, assesses and manages industry-focused applied research & development projects that extend from geology and engineering to the natural sciences. We recognize innovation is a three-phase process: research, development and implementation (R & D, I). With implementation, we turn innovative ideas into best practices.
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