The loon is an opportunistic bird that embraces its surroundings and thrives within the vast natural setting of the north. Like the loon, we have learned to flourish and prosper, immersed in a habitat replete with the richness of natural and human resources.
Opportunities to work.

Sudbury has been described by industry experts as the “world’s most well-appointed mining camp.” There’s no other mining centre like it anywhere in the world. Beyond the many opportunities in engineering, management, trades, and research and development, you’ll find a vibrant, safe and growing community.
Opportunities to play.

Sudbury boasts a vibrant arts, culture and entertainment scene. So if you’re looking for innovative theatre productions, an international film festival, a variety of concerts and events, or simply a night out dining and dancing, you’ll be hard-pressed to make time for all that Sudbury offers.
Opportunities to grow.

Sudbury is a centre for learning. The city is home to a leading university, two colleges and a medical school, along with award-winning research centres in mining technology, environmental sciences and medicine. And our medical facilities provide the region’s tertiary care and conduct ground-breaking research.
Opportunity rocks.

Sudbury has leveraged its good fortune to become an expanding, vital community–big enough to offer all of the cultural, medical, educational and career opportunities you’re looking for–and small enough to offer a quality of life unmatched by any other “mining camp.”
For more than a century, Sudbury has been one of the world’s premier mining centres. Our future is bright as we continue to discover and develop new ore bodies. Come explore Sudbury and discover your own opportunities in the mining industry. 

We currently have many positions available for professionals in fields such as engineering, geology, equipment maintenance and operations.  Click on the logos in the slideshow below to view some of our partner career opportunities.
opportunity footer We invite you to visit Sudbury. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like. You’ll see that opportunity rocks… more than once!

Sudbury Opportunity Rocks Partners:

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