Business Services
Regional Business Centre Logo
The Regional Business Centre is a one-stop source for information and guidance on starting, expanding and operating a business.

Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of our local economy. With the support of 17 community partners, the Regional Business Centre is hosted within the Economic Development Division of the City of Greater Sudbury. Their Centre has supported thousands of entrepreneurs since its inception in 1995. They are one of 57 small business enterprise centres across Ontario and are a part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or existing business owner, they are here to help. They provide the following services to help you succeed, free of charge:

  • Confidential one-on-one consultations;
  • Seminars, events and networking opportunities;
  • Guidance on licenses, permits, registrations and regulations that apply to your specific business;
  • Business plan support;
  • Market research data to help you determine the feasibility of your business idea;
  • Programs that encourage youth to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career option;
  • Directory of funding programs available to help you start or grow your business;
  • Business registration;
  • Resource library with materials on a variety of business topics;
  • Referrals to professional services in accounting, legal, insurance, banking and more through our extensive partner network;

Please visit the Regional Business Centre's website for more information.

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