Healthcare Services

Pioneer Manor Retirement  Home

Greater Sudbury is the health care hub of northeastern Ontario, boasting the north’s largest hospital, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and a complement of several hundred general practitioners and specialists.

Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé Nord(HSN) is a 450-bed academic health sciences centre that serves as the main medical referral centre in northeastern Ontario for surgery, trauma and emergency care, cardiac care, cancer care, seniors health, and pediatrics. The Health Sciences North Research Institute is also one of Canada’s emerging centres for studies involving cancer treatment, infectious disease, and senior’s health.


With the world's population aging, the need for long term care facilities is essential to any city. From Retirement communities including St. Joseph's Villa, the Elizabeth Centre, Pioneer Manor and Finlandia-Koti to chronic care centres such as Extendicare, the City of Greater Sudbury is proud to offer a wide variety of healthcare accommodation options for our seniors.


This is a strong sense of community in Greater Sudbury. This stems from a firm belief that every resident deserves quality assistance. A wide range of support organization within the city offer specialized assistance to those in need.

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