Zoning and Permits

Tom Davies Square Building


The City of Greater Sudbury is currently governed by 8 distinct Zoning By-laws, all of which are contained within this website, together with the applicable Zone Maps for all of these By-laws, with the exception of the Zone Maps for By-laws 2001-24Z & 2001-25Z. These latter Zone Maps are currently in production, and will be added to the website upon their completion.

The Zone Maps for the entire City can also be accessed from here: Key map for Greater Sudbury. The Zone maps are divided by each of the Zoning By-laws listed below and further divided by township then by lot and concession.


The City of Greater Sudbury has made many of our Application forms available online for your convenience. You may download the forms, review them and have all relevant information ready when you file your application with our staff at Tom Davies Square.

The approval process begins with staff reviewing your application for completeness. If there are problems with your application or drawings, staff will contact you by telephone or e-mail, if address provided.


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