Community Economic Development Strategic Plan

Different Types of Construction

Coming of Age in the 21st Century roadmap has ably served as a guide for economic development in Greater Sudbury. The means to seize the opportunity for renewal – and to ensure its relevance going forward – have been at the heart of an inclusive six month community engagement process. The result has been Coming of Age in the 21st Century-Digging Deeper, a renewed living strategy that will ensure that the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation continues to: engage the community; invite consistent feedback from stakeholders and facilitate broader understanding of GSDC priorities.

The Strategic Plan has provided the map; the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation will navigate the journey.

Strategic Plan Cover

This will be a challenging and critical team leadership role. By working with community stakeholders, the GSDC will foster civic engagement, cultivate entrepreneurship and stimulate the continuous development of a dynamic and healthy city.


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