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Greater Sudbury is a fantastic city.

Great Big City
The City of Greater Sudbury is the largest in Northern Ontario with a population of 160,770. It covers an area of 3,627 sq. km (1,400 sq. mi.) - about two thirds the size of Prince Edward Island.

Fresh Water
There are a total of 330 freshwater lakes within the city - more lakes than any other municipality in Canada.  Lake Wahnapitae is the largest city-contained lake in the world.  Ramesy Lake, in the heart of Sudbury is the second.

Sudbury has the third largest Francophone population in Canada outside of Quebec.

The Sudbury Structure is a famous geological feature that hosts one of the largest concentrations of nickel-copper sulphides in the world.  The Sudbury Basin, 27 km (17 mi.) wide, 60 km (37 mi.) long and 15 km (10 mi.) deep, is believed to have been formed by a meteorite impact 1.8 billion years ago.

Sudbury is home to the largest integrated mining complex in the world.  There are 5,000 km (3,107 mi.) of mining tunnels under the Sudbury area. Placed end-to-end, you could drive from Sudbury to Vancouver underground.

Go Big
Sudbury's landmark Big Nickel is 9 metres (30 ft.) high and recognized around the world.

Go Green
Sudbury has received numerous awards for its aggressive land reclamation program, including a United Nations Local Government Award and the United States Chevron Award.


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